2024 Parodybill Calendar ON CLEARANCE!
2024 Parodybill Calendar ON CLEARANCE!

2024 Parodybill Calendar ON CLEARANCE!

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We only have a few remaining copies of the 2024 Calendar, now on sale!


When you bring home the 2024 Parodybill Calendar, you get the gift of clever Broadway Parodies all year long! This 13-month wall calendar takes you all the way through January 2025.

Measuring 8.5" x 6.5" (folded) with a saddle-stitch binding, each page is printed on luxe stock with a vibrant coated finish.

In addition to full-color parody poster art, every month also features special Broadway dates, including upcoming opening nights for 2024 and historical opening dates of so many of your favorite Broadway musicals from the last 30 years — so you'll always be able to celebrate like it's opening night.

  • January: Sweeney & the Blade and Life of Pie
  • February: Click, Click...BOOM! and & Peggy
  • March: Greece and Hades -OTHER- Town
  • April: Nice Cinderella and Some Like It Cold
  • May: Fleet St and SweeneyTown
  • June: Satisfied
  • July: Broadwayland (Expansion!)
  • August: Marty and the Delorean and Once Upon a Back in Time
  • September: Jersey Girl and Girl from the Corn Country
  • October: Audrey Two and A Strange Plant
  • November: Barber Shop of Horrors and The Great Barber
  • December: Les Incompetents
  • January (2025): Parodybill's Greatest Hits (15 parodies!)

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